Welcome to Yojindo Ryu Martial Arts

Yojindo Ryu
We are a traditional Wado Ryu Karate club, that have been training in Normanton West Yorkshire, for 15 years.  With our club, you can train to black belt and beyond

We have been joined recently by two new Sensei, who in addition to Karate, are advanced Dan grades in Ju-Jitsu and Kobudo.  This has allowed us to expand the range of classes, we now offer Ju-Jitsu and traditional Okinawa weapons training, alongside our Karate

With Us You Will Learn
-Practical defences against kicks, punches & grabs
-How to spot danger early and avoid it
-How to fall safely
-Techniques that work, whatever your age or size
-How to defend yourself against a larger, stronger opponent
-How to say no to bullies
-Ground fighting and grappling techniques

We welcome students of all abilities and needs from 6 years and there is no upper age limit

Our Instructors
All our instructors are fully qualified, first aid trained, insured and DBS/CRB checked